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Lincoln Children’s Business Fair teaches kids about economics – KOLN

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – Every year, twice a year, children get to harness their creativity and entrepreneurial side and go to the Lincoln Children’s Business Fair. But for one family, this is more than a one-day event.

This is the first Lincoln Children’s Business Fair event for the year, after the event this spring was canceled due to COVID-19. The Fair is meant to keep kids creative, give them valuable life skills, and maybe even prime them for a future career.

“It teaches all kinds of entrepreneurship skills,” said Michelle Yallaly, event founder. “Handling money, what your cost is when you start a business, how the public might view your business or product if it’s something the public needs.”

So whether that is tie-dye shirts, fudge, or “tennis ball buddies,” these kids get their shot at taking an idea from start to finish.

“I just wanted to come here so I could sell stuff make money,” said Mariano Atanassov, standing in front of his shop, Art from the Heart. “Paintings, tennis ball buddies, decorated pumpkins, handmade crayons, art kits, paint your own plaster brush included. Do you want to buy something?”

For Mariano and his family, this fair is extra special.

“My husband grew up in communist Bulgaria, and started studying business and finance when the wall fell down,” said Beckie Atanassova, Mariano’s mom. “He thinks it’s super cool that his kid gets to grow up and have these opportunities and gets to have his own little store when these kinds of things were unimaginable for him growing up.”

The organizers said Mariano is one of their top salesmen. Aside from being business-minded, Mariano said he loves to save money.

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