Cute pig snack molar stick

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Grind teeth
Food dispensing toy
Clean teeth
Protect oral health
Remove calculus Zs
Relieve anxiety Improve IQ
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Serrated molar bumps :
Replaceable calcium snack cake
Triangular conical molar bumps _ Teeth cleaning aisle Leakage hole
Length:8.19 in Width:2.95 in Height:2.60 in Weight:7.65 OZ
Rich in calcium
Vacuum packaged storage
This product comes with 3 vacua packed molar snack biscuits that can be stored
for a long time. The snacks are rich in calcium, which helps to keep the teeth and
bones healthy. You can easily replace the snacks by rotating the molar stick on the
head of the toy body.
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The tail of this product is designed with a food leaking hole and can put dog snacks,
which can be used as a food dispensing toy.
Dog Water Floating Toy: This product can be used as a water toy
that can float on water.
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The triangular conical molar bumps are specially designed for cleaning the front teeth
of the dog teeth. When the dog uses this toy, the dog will use the incisor to bite this
kind of molar bumps. In this process, the dog’s incisor will be cleaned comprehensively.
The daily protection of the dog’s incisor will make the dog’s front teeth healthier.
Serrated molar bumps with
different sizes and strengths
The newly designed serrated molar bumps are arranged in different sizes and strengths.
According to the dog s chewing habits, dogs will chew this product with molars. And every
serrated molar bump is designed with two bumps. When the dog chews this product, the
molar bumps will have greater friction on the molars, which will clean up the calculus and
dirt on the molars.
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Curved cleaning tank Pointed molar teeth
The newly designed pet sharp teeth [cleaning aisle] has completely surpassed similar products.
When the pet bites the product, the sharp teeth will enter the [curved cleaning tank] in the molar
aisle, and the [pointed molars] are arranged in parallel in the cleaning tank will clean the sharp
teeth of the pet dog from top to bottom. This product can effectively remove the dirt from the
roots of the sharp teeth to ensure the daily health of the pet dog’s oral.
It can spotless the dirt and dental calculus on the dog’s teeth to ensure the
healthy teeth of the dog every minute. Dog toothpaste or attractant can be applied on
the outside of newly designed teeth cleaning aisle, which will better clean dogs’ teeth.
This product is made of upgraded bite-resistant material so that it can resist the long-term bite
of pet dogs. But for the health of pets, it is recommended that you use it for dogs no more than
20-30 minutes a day. Playing with this toy often can relieve pets’ anxiety and improve pets’ IQ
When they are at home, the toy can prevent pets from demolishing their homes and will not
damage homes and clothing. So that the dog can brush its teeth by itself while playing.

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Dimensions 0.49 × 8.19 × 2.95 in

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