Whirlwind Lucky Cat

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Cat Toy
Relive Anxiety Training Agility
Keep In Good Health Improve IQ
Food Dispensing Function
Windmill Propeller
Attract cats more interest.
Can Open The Lid
Screw open the upper cover.
Double Interactive
Cat Ball
Attract cats more
Adjust Switch
Three-speed adjustment,
adjustment paddles.
Leakage Hole
Slow down the rate of food
leakage, cats are healthier.
Not Fail Design
Can be used as a toy.
: When the cat is playing, it can make the propeller on the top
of the toy spin freely with light force. In the process of learning to use toys, it can
effectively improve the cat s intelligence and relieve the cat s anxiety without
owner’s company.
Two freely rotatable interactive cat balls are designed on the
track disc, which multi-attract cat’s attention and increase cat’s interest in playing.
id 5: A light push can leak food, slowing the cat’s eating speed,
delicious and fun, which makes cat healthier.
Two holes are Only one hole Two holes are
both open. Is open. Both close.
ADJUST DESIGN: Three levels of adjustment. Different from
other food leakage balls on n the market, adjust the size of 1.2 food leakage holes by
pick according to the needs.
The toy is equipped with a counterweight at the bottom, no matter
how the cat is used, it will not fall over. The cat can sway back and forth with a light
push to attract cat’s more interest.
: A light push can leak food, slowing the cat’s eating speed, delicious and fun, which
Kirklees cat more healthier sturdy, wear-resistant, durable, and can be used by multiple cats at the same
time. Because this product will strongly attract cats to play, it is recommended to play for 20-30
minutes each time. Playing for too long time will overdraft the cat’s physical strength.
Cats can play with toys alone or interact with the owner. The tumbler spinning toy,
the freely spinning cat ball and the high-speed rotating propeller will bring multiple
fun to the cat, so that the cat will not damage the furniture, clothes, etc.
3.94 in
Maximum diameter: 3.94in Height: 6.10in Weight: 14.29 oz

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Dimensions 0.9 × 3.33 × 3.33 in

green, lake-blue, magenta, yellow