Serrated molar rod

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for Molar Teeth
Clean Teeth
Keep Dental
Remove Calculus Improve IQ
NS 7
Relive Anxiety
The inside is made of soft TPR material,
which has good effect on cleaning teeth.
Length:5.91 in Width:1.65 in Height:1.97 in Weight:3.17 oz
The edge of the section is designed to clean the front teeth of the dog teeth, during the pet
dog using this toy, pet dogs will use incisors to bite this section area, In this process, the
dog’s incisors will be spotless. Daily protection of the dog’s incisors will make
the dog’s incisors healthier.
→. Jagged molar bumps of
> _ different heights and sizes
, — f by) Medium
The updated designed jagged molar protrusions are distributed in different sizes. According to
the chewing habits of pet dogs, pet dogs will chew this product with molars. Each jagged molar
protrusion we design will have 2 protrusions. When chewing this product, the molar protrusion
will cause greater friction on the molars, which will clean up the calculus and dirt on the molars.
The curved
cleaning tank The sharp molars
The newly designed pet dog fangs [tooth molar aisle] has fully surpassed similar products.
When pets bite the product, the sharp teeth will enter the [curved cleaning tank] in the molar
channel, and the [sharp molars] arranged in parallel in the cleaning tank will clean the canine
of the dog from top to bottom. This product can effectively remove the teeth and dirt at the
roots of fangs to ensure the daily health of the dog’s mouth.
[WATER FLOATING TOY] This product can be directly thrown into the water when
the dog is out for swimming or bathing. Due to the particularity of the product
material, this toy can float on the water, which can effectively distract the dog and
make it more time-saving, effortless for the owner to take care of the dog, so the
owner has nothing to worry about.
Spotless the dirt and stones on the front of the dog’s teeth,
to ensure the health of the dog’s teeth every minute.
eye a

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Out of teeth cleaning aisle Inner aisle
These products is suitable small dogs in any breeds
(includes large dogs in common family).

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Dimensions 0.21 × 5.91 × 1.65 in

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