Prickly pear dog toy with rope

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YO Molar Teeth
Clean Teeth are Keep Dental Health
*. If =
Remove Calculus
Improve IQ
Relive Anxiety Training Agility
Tooth Pa ~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~
Channel :
! Zigzag-shaped
‘ Molar Protrusion
eye (7 woo: Central
Tooth Cleaning Channel
Molar Teeth
Edge of Molar
Cotton dog ______________
bite rope
Length:5.12 in Maximum Diameter:3.19 in
Weight:6.10 oz
Edge of Molar Column
The edge of the molar column is specially designed for cleaning the incisor of the dog s
teeth. When the dog uses this toy, the dog will use the incisor to bite the cut surface
area. In this process, the dog s incisor teeth will be spotless. Daily protection
of the dog s incisor will make the dog s incisor teeth healthier.
Jagged molar bumps of
different heights and sizes
Originally designed zigzag-shaped molar protrusions of different sizes and molar
strengths are arranged irregularly at 360. When pets use molars to chew this product,
the molar bumps will clean the dog s posterior calculus and dirt in an all-round way,
and comprehensively protect the dog s oral health. Facts have proved that our design
is more effective than the products on the market.
The curved cleaning tank The sharp molars
The newly designed pet dog fangs tooth molar aisle has fully surpassed similar products.
When pets bite the product, the sharp teeth will enter the curved cleaning tank in the
molar channel, and the sharp molars arranged in parallel in the cleaning tank will clean
the canine of the dog from top to bottom. This product can effectively remove the teeth
and dirt at the roots of fangs to ensure the daily health of the dog’s mouth.
[WATER FLOATING TOY] This product can be directly thrown into the water when
the dog is out for swimming or bathing. Due to the particularity of the product
material, this toy can float on the water, which can effectively distract the dog and
make it more time-saving, effortless for the owner to take care of the dog, so the
owner has nothing to worry about.
Separate the product from the cotton rope and put dog snacks in the middle
aisle, then this toy can be used as a food leaking toy. Also, the toy is suitable
for dogs of any age, whether it is a small dog, a large dog, or a ferocious dog,
they will be very happy.
El & hm,

Made of new and upgraded anti-bite material, it can resist the pet dog’s long time bite.
However, for the health of pets, we recommend that you give your dog no more than
20-30 minutes a day. Pet dogs often use this toy, which can alleviate their worries at
home, improve IQ, and will not damage the family’s home and clothes. It is come true
that dogs brush teeth by themselves.

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Dimensions 0.39 × 5.12 × 3.33 in

green, lake-blue, yellow