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He. Bait
Large water stream Water + Foam

Three gears
switch hexagon(non-slip)
Hard blunt brush Shower gel available
IN & ~~
universal joint
Remove the rubber
stopper on the Regular hexagonal design
top and add shower gel increases friction
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Three gears switch : a
universal joint
Hard blunt brush
The ergonomic regular hexagon shape and surface texture treatment design can
effectively increase the friction between the hand and the shower. Non-slip, effortless
and easy to hold. Ordinary round shape, easy to slip and laborious, not easy to hold.
The hard and blunt-headed brush makes it easy to penetrate deep into the dog’s hair,
which can deep cleaning thoroughly and the dog feels more comfortable. The material
is soft and can’t penetrate deep into the wet hair, which can’t achieve effective cleaning.
Dogs don’t like bathing. (This product is suitable for medium and large dogs)
(Water and foam)
Three gears in one bottom, only one hand can complete the operation of
water discharge, shut down, or water discharge with foam.
Remove the rubber stopper on the top and add shower gel, it can store a small
amount of shower gel. The water and shower gel can be mixed together
through the switch.
This product can fully mix water and shower gel into foam before spray it. So
that it can avoid incomplete cleaning caused by uneven application of shower gel.
This product is suitable for international-standard joints, the British-made G1/2 pipe
thread can match the American standard Faucet 1/2-14 and NPS pipe threaded
hose. The shower hose can be easily connected without complicated installation.
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It can be used as a hair comb when it is not used as a shower.
Remarks: This product includes 1 shower sprayer, excluding water pipe.

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