DYDZ 4Pcs Dog LickiMat Set, 2pcs Dog Slow Feeder and 2 pcs Lick Placemat Pad Combo with Suction Cup by DYDZ

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Slow Feeder Dog Licking Mat & Boredom Buster helps to relieve pet anxiety as they lick their favorite snack from the textured interior. Our Lickimat line of products is designed to reduce stress and promote calm behavior in your dog or cat during stressful times, like storms. Spread your pet’s favorite soft treat over the surface and create a fun, tasty game as they seek every morsel with their tongue. The unique pattern helps promote fresh breath, healthy teeth, and gums by scraping harmful bacteria from the tongue and stimulating saliva reproduction, which aids digestion. Studies show that repetitive licking increases endorphins in the brain, which in turn, calms your pet and makes that happy.