DYDZ Pet Chew Ball Toy with Suction Cup Dog Food Dispensing Ball Puppy Interactive Molar Toys Toothbrush

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Our dog chew toy is upgraded with multi-function. It can be used as a tooth cleaning chew toy, dog treat ball, pet training toy and also tug rope toy. Stronger rope and powerful suction cup bring a lot of fun to dogs. Owners won’t get worried about pets anymore when they’re not at home. Dogs will play with our rope toy by himself and the owner can focus on working. Cleaning Teeth in 360 degrees · There are higher bulges in 360 degrees. The double-layered tines in the position of dispensing, helping clean teeth in both sides. By biting, it can help to clear dog’s’ calculus and keep oral health. · The rope is the same material as used for body armor, which is super strong. Even if it is bitten for a long time, it won’t broken. Compared with other similar products on the market, ours is more bite-resistant. double side cleaning teeth powerful suction cup multifunction dog toy dog toy with bell Multifunction Dog Toy with Suction Cup Are you still worrying about the dog gnawing the sofa? This pet chewing toy is unique in design and attractive. It can also clean the dog’s teeth and protect the health of pets. This is the best gift for a dog.