Sounding indoor sliding toy

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Chew Toy
Dog Toy with Sound
Food Dispensing
Training Agility Separation Anxiety
When the dog s paw or nose presses the upper part of the toy, it can make a
whistle sound to attract the dog s interest.
Rotate the toy body slightly in reverse to open the chassis. Dog food or snacks can
be placed directly in the bottom tray or be placed easily through the leaking hole.
This is a very fun food dispensing toy, pet dogs can eat snacks as a reward
when playing with toys.
The upper part of this toy is made of TPR material, produced by Bayer, Germany,
which is very bite-resistant.
Dogs bite this toy every day as a molar toy to promote dogs’ oral health.
This also can be used as a sliding toy for indoor pets. The toy can be pushed by
the dog to slide on the floor.
The arc shape design at the bottom, when the dog is used, the toy sways left
and right, increasing the fun of the toy.
Fun toys can replace owner’s company and also allow the pet dog to exercise
and maintain the continued health of the body.
Weight: 8.18 oz

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Dimensions 0.52 × 3.33 × 3.33 in

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