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YO Molar Teeth
Clean Teeth Keep Dental Health
Remove Calculus
4 m Improve IQ
Relieve Anxiety Squeaky Dog Toy
Whistle ———- s , — Spherical Molar Bumps
Serrated Molar Bumps
Pointed Molar Teeth
Teeth Cleaning Aisle
Length: 6.30 in Width: 6.30 in Height :1.61 in Weight : 5.04 oz
A whistle is placed on the top of the toy, which has a sounding function. When
the dog bites the toy, it will make a sound to attract the dog’s attention, improve
the dog’s interest in playing and also can clean the dog’s teeth.
Dog Water Floating Toy: This product can be used as a water toy that can float on water.
The round molar bumps on the top and bottom are specially designed to
clean the incisors of pet dogs. During the process of using this toy, the
dog will use the incisors to bite these two kinds of molar bumps. So that
it can spotless the dog’s incisors, and the daily protection will
make the puppy’s incisors much healthier.
Serrated Molar Bumps
The newly designed zigzag molar bumps are distributed in different sizes.
According to the chewing habits of pet dogs, the molars will be used to chew
this product during playing. Each zigzag molar bump is designed with 2
bumps. When the dog bites this product, the molar bumps will create greater
friction on the molars, which will clean up the calculus and dirt on the molars.
The newly designed pet sharp teeth [cleaning aisle] has completely surpassed similar
products. When the pet bites the product, the sharp teeth will enter the [curved cleaning
tank] in the molar aisle, and the [pointed molars] arranged in parallel in the cleaning tank
will clean the dog s sharp teeth from top to bottom. This product can effectively remove
dirt and calculus from the roots of the sharp teeth, ensuring the pet dog’s daily oral health.
Completely clean the dirt and calculus of the dog’s teeth to ensure the
dental health of the dog every minute and every second.
Dog toothpaste or attractant can be applied on the surface of the toy, which
will better clean dog s teeth. So that the dog can brush its teeth by itself
while playing.
Lt the St
This toy is suitable for pet dogs of 5-100 pounds, and the owner can interact with pet by
using this indestructible toy in indoors and outdoors. Dogs often play with this toy can not
only consume excess energy and strengthen physique, but also can improve IQ by
interacting with the owner. It can also relieve anxiety without the owner s accompany and
avoid the dog’s biting furniture or tearing clothes when the owner is not at home.
Rake insertion violent test, Knife slashing violent test, Axe chopping violent test,
the product remains intact. The product remains intact. The product remains intact.
Hammer violent test, Dog bite violent test, High temperature violent test,
the product remains intact. The product remains intact. The product remains intact.

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Dimensions 0.55 × 6.3 × 6.3 in

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