Swing Bear Food Leaker Details

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Can be used for Food dispensing toy
cats and dogs
diet health
Interact with
the owner

Relieve×anxiety Improve intelligence
COVER =-_–_-_– L Drop snacks, increase pets’
Rotate the upper cover interest in playing, improve 1Q.
horizontally, you can
choose to open/close
the leakage function.
BOOK The bottom of the main body is peewee EEE, TOY WHEELS
equipped with a counterweight, Toy wheels on both sides
which can be shaken back and can be moved back and
forth automatically under the forth
external force of pets, and the
toy will not fall.
This product is a multifunctional food dispensing toy, and it can be used
for cats and dogs.
No electricity required, it can be moved by a nudge from pet.
Food dispensing toy: When the toy is shaken back and forth, snacks will leak out
of it, so that it can increase the fun of the toy and make the pet eat slow to protect
the pet s gastrointestinal health.
Before the food leaking hole opened
After the food leaking hole closed
Unscrew the transparent shell part of the product, and you can put cat food, dog
food, pet snacks into the toy body. When the toy is shaken back and forth, snacks
will leak out of it, so that it can attract pets’ attention.
This product is made of upgraded version of environmentally friendly and healthy
food-grade ABS material, which is sturdy, wear-resistant and durable. It can be used
by multiple pets at the same time. In the process of learning to use toys, it can
effectively improve the cat s intelligence.
The toy can be shaken Bach and forth, even when there is no external force, the
toy will move by its own weight. So that it can increase the fun of the toy.
Interesting toys can replace the owner’s company, and can make pets exercise
and keep the body healthy. Playing with this toy often can relieve pets’ anxiety
and improve pets’ IQ. When they are at home, the toy can prevent pets from
demolishing their homes and will not damage homes and clothing.
UL 62’V
= 5.75 in =| 3.03 in
Length: 5.75 in Width: 3.03 in Height: 4.29in Weight: 13.58 OZ

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Dimensions 0.86 × 5.75 × 3.03 in

black, green, lake-blue, pink, yellow